Peace and Power in the Present

Peace and Power in the Present

THE PRESENT MOMENT is where all the beauty, melody, pleasure, flavor and fragrance of life exist. This is where life is unfolding. It’s the only place where we can experience true joy, and it’s the only place where we can consciously create. The present moment is a doorway to peace, freedom, love and creative power.

Present Moment Awareness is the most foundational and essential practice that supports every aspect of your life!

Here are 7 of my favorite ways to experience more PEACE and POWER in the PRESENT:


  1. You can use this moment to take some deep, calming, rejuvenating, mindful and heart-full breaths. When you breathe deeply you increase the flow of oxygen and prana (life energy) through your body, mind and spirit.

  1. You can drop out of your thoughts and into your senses. Notice what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. This will enliven the moment and create a deeper connection to your-self and to life.

  1. You can take a few moments to listen to your body’s needs. Is it calling for rest, a stretch, exercise, nourishment?

  1. You can take a few moments to listen to the messages of your heart. Honor what you hear by journaling or taking an inspired action step.

  1. You can use the present moment to listen to whatever sounds you hear: the rain fall, the wind blow, the music on the radio, the sound of your breath, your intuition, another person who has something to share with you…

  1. You can use any insights or information from the present moment to make a conscious and supportive choice. This means that in the present moment, you have the power to choose your thoughts, words, actions, responses and beliefs! This is how you create your life…one conscious choice at a time. What feels like a YES for YOU now?

  1. You can choose to look for things to appreciate and be grateful for. It’s a simple and quick way to raise your vibration and to remind you how blessed you already are.

How will you utilize the GIFT OF NOW?

Xo Chara

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