Sol Path Yoga

Now is the time… to align mind, body and spirit!

Sol Path Yoga

Shine your light! Live your magic! Honor your path!

In Person Classes

Saturdays 8:30am at Be Well in Morristown

Saturdays 10:30am at Ride + Reflect in Bernardsville

Weekly Virtual Classes & Library of Recorded Classes


What is Sol Path Yoga?

Sol Path Yoga is a heart-centered practice that helps you be your best in body, mind and spirit…both on your mat and in your life. What makes Sol Path Yoga so special and unique is that it’s based on twelve empowering foundational principles that support well-being on every level. We focus on one principle for a whole month, so you can explore it and experience it in different ways. Then you have the opportunity to practice it in your daily life to cultivate more balance, peace, joy…and magic!

Every nurturing class is choreographed around the monthly principle and includes a centering, warm-up stretches, Yoga poses, breath work, meditation and deep relaxation. These elements are lovingly woven together and infused with inspiration to support your authentic journey of illumination, transformation and celebration.

Classes are welcoming, non-competitive and guided at a slower pace, so you experience each moment fully, and move through the practice with integrity and safety.

Sol Path Yoga Will Help:

  • Support physical and emotional healing.
  • Relieve pain due to misalignment.
  • Decrease stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Increase strength and flexibility.
  • Calm and clear the mind.
  • Optimize posture and all bodily systems.
  • Balance hormones and metabolism.
  • Foster youthfulness and graceful aging.
  • Rejuvenate and restore energy.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and inspired living skills.
  • Nourish body, mind and spirit through self-care.
  • Connect with the heart’s purpose, wisdom and guidance.
  • Develop or strengthen a personal relationship with Spirit.
  • Promote positive transformation in body, mind, spirit and life.

Who Can Do Sol Path Yoga?

Anyone! No Experience is Necessary.

Group Classes, Private and Semi-Private Sessions and Retreats are Available.

Solazzare, LLC


Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness is the most foundational and essential of all the practices. The present moment is where all the beauty, melody, flavor, fragrance and pleasure of life exist. This is where life is unfolding. It’s the only place where we can experience true joy and it’s the only place where we can make conscious choices. Present moment awareness is the doorway to freedom, gratitude, love and creative power.



(based on Ahimsa)

Breathing deeply and connecting to the present moment also connects us to our heart. Our heart is our center and the origin of our potential, wisdom, and brilliance. It is the home of peace, joy, forgiveness, purpose, respect, kindness and love. When we build our foundation on love and the calling in our heart, we create an authentic and purpose filled life.



(based on Satya)

Love and truth go hand and hand. Living from our heart allows us to connect to our deepest truth and create a life that represents our most authentic self. Our dreams, inner calling, personality, passions, viewpoint, family, history and culture are all part of our truth. Being in touch with our heart deepens our awareness that we are an important part of an even greater truth that includes everyone and everything.



(based on Asteya)

Our universe is limitless and abundant. Because life is responsive to our thoughts, words and actions…it makes sense to put our attention on what we have, what we are grateful for and what we want to create – as opposed to what we don’t have. By appreciating life’s infinite beauty and resources, we help create a life of abundance to enjoy and share.



(based on Brahmacharya)

There is inherent balance within all things. Yin and Yang are opposite energies, yet completely supportive of one another. One could not exist without its compliment. Sun and moon, male and female, dark and light, giving and receiving, beginning and ending and beginning again…. Having an appreciation for co-existing opposites and the support they provide allows us to appreciate the wholeness within our selves, our relationships and our world.



(based on Aparigraha)

The practice of detachment or letting go can lead to liberation. Liberation lies in letting go of what we don’t need or is no longer serving us. Liberation also comes from the realization that happiness and inner peace are not dependent on external factors or a particular outcome. Living with an open mind and open heart allows us to be open to infinite solutions and possibilities.



(based on Saucha)

Clarity comes from a pure heart, mind and body. When we make choices that enhance our physical, mental and emotional health we become a vessel for good. Our inner light is free to shine out and help us align with our purpose and passions. When we are clear with our intentions, actions and communication – life flows more harmoniously.



(based on Santosha)

Inner contentment and peace is created when we live in the present moment with appreciation. Gratitude enables us to focus on what is good, beautiful and supportive. This is not denying that some things can be improved. It is making a conscious choice as to where we place our energy and attention. Seeing life through the eyes of gratitude raises our energetic vibration. This higher energy state assists in cultivating health, blessings and good fortune for ourselves and others.


Inner Fire

(based on Tapas)

Our inner fire ignites our soul’s passion, creativity and strength. Our inner flame burns away distractions and cultivates the discipline to remain focused on what’s most important. Whatever we invest time and energy into – will come to fruition. When we are illuminated from the inside, our dreams, our purpose and the courage to pursue them are revealed. The Divine light within is where we will find our true power.


Self Understanding

(based on Swadhyaya)

Clarity comes from a pure heart, mind and body. When we make choices that enhance our physical, mental and emotional health we become a vessel for good. Our inner light is free to shine out and help us align with our purpose and passions. When we are clear with our intentions, actions and communication – life flows more harmoniously.



(based on Ishvara Pranidhana)

Once we have done our part, we must let go and trust in the bigger plan. We are a small part of a greater picture. Our body is like one cell in the body of the world. Our mind is like one drop in an ocean of higher consciousness. Our heart is like one beat within an eternal song. Because our life is one piece of a larger picture we must trust in the interconnectedness of all things and all events evolving together toward the greater good for all.



To quote the well known sage, Ferris Bueller…”Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down once in a while, you could miss it.” When we make a choice to pause, observe, listen and feel, we make the choice to be present with ourselves and our life. Taking a sacred pause also gives us the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate our journey, even when it’s challenging. In this way, every event, situation, relationship and task can be an opportunity to remember the sacred gift of life. To move through life with a spring in our step, a sparkle in our eyes and joy in our hearts is to give and receive the very best life has to offer.