LOVE: Sacred Poems and Self Images by Chara Rodriguera


LOVE is an exquisite compilation of sacred poems and self-images that leads us on an illuminating journey into the depths of the soul. This one of a kind masterpiece invites us to slow down and explore our capacity to experience and embody the love we so deeply long for. Chara Rodriguera’s stunning artistry and empowering words offer us the opportunity to reflect on the countless ways love can be a catalyst for healing, transformation, connection and creation. Each enchanting page is like a doorway…a portal…into the labyrinth of love’s infinite nature. Whether you’ve been on a path of personal evolution for some time, or just curious about new glimmers of awakening and possibilities, LOVE will be a supportive tool and companion. With profound simplicity, tenderness and beauty, LOVE is sure to touch your heart and inspire you to live a life full of blessings.


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