Trust Your Truth

Trust Your Truth

This month’s Sol Path Yoga practice is based on the Sanskrit principle, Ishvara Pranidhana. Ishvara means higher self, supreme being, or that which you find to be Divine. Pranidhana means to trust in, surrender to, or connect with. When we are in connection and communion with Source, it’s easier to relax, trust and say YES.

When I was young, I used to have this strong feeling that I wanted to photograph myself. I guess you could say I was one of the original “selfie” pioneers!!!! I would usually get these promptings when I was going through a life lesson or transition that I couldn’t put into words. It was as if the photograph held the key to my understanding, healing and liberation. Little did I know, but those “weird” promptings are part of my dharma, my life purpose. These photographs sat in envelopes in my basement for decades. Yet, I always hoped they would one day have a reason for being.

These seemingly random images that were collecting dust for so many years are now being called into the light with a very special purpose. I’m looking forward to sharing that purpose with you very soon!

Now is the time for us all to bring our truth into the light!


Breathe deeply and notice when you have an intuition or a prompting!

For example, maybe you feel a subtle inclination to call a friend, or doodle on a piece of paper or throw a rock into a pond. Say YES to that prompting, even if it does not seem to be logical or have any rational outcome. If it’s not anything detrimental to yourself or anyone else…go for it! Don’t worry about the outcome or what the return will be. TRUST YOUR TRUTH AND SAY YES!

You may not know the importance or impact right now. Just get used to listening and honoring your yes to whatever degree feels comfortable and safe. In time, you will start to see the connections and the bigger picture.

Xo Chara

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