The altitude of gratitude

The altitude of gratitude

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”


For most people, November is the month of gratitude and appreciating our blessings.

In Sol Path Yoga, present moment awareness and gratitude are the very first things we focus on every January. All the other practices are based on being present and choosing where to place our attention. So, we spend the whole year in gratitude!

Gratitude can become a way of life and the lens we chose to see life through. While there are many things that need to be improved, we know that whatever we focus on – we will get more of. The attitude of gratitude raises our vibration. It helps us to create and experience life on a higher plane. So, you could say, the attitude of gratitude leads to the altitude of gratitude.


You can raise your vibration quickly and easily with these three steps:

1  Breathe deeply

2  Drop out of your thoughts and be present by noticing what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

3  Choose to focus your attention on something you appreciate, enjoy or find to be beautiful.

When you consistently make gratitude a conscious practice, you will notice that it leads to experiencing more blessings and more enjoyment. This does not mean you need to pretend challenges don’t exist or ignore your true feelings. It means your attention has creative power, and you always have a choice as to where you place your attention. To further reflect on this practice, please enjoy the below poem entitled:


The noble woman sits on the doorstep

steady and content.

She doesn’t rush

or quarrel with the passing minutes.


She doesn’t beg

for anything

to be different.

She sits

and breathes in

whatever she can find

to appreciate.

She seems to be on her own silent quest

of secretly enjoying

being here.


She’s not the wealthiest



or most fashionable.


she looks in the mirror and says,

“Thank you.”

She always has enough to eat.

She stands on her own two feet

and walks anywhere

she wants to go.


She is mesmerized

by the movie

of the ever-changing sky.

And every single blossom catches her eye.

Nothing is taken for granted.

She delights

in turning on the light.

She is in awe

of her fellow human beings

that build towers

pave roads

teach children

and stock shelves in the grocery store.

She is humbled

that she has clean water to drink

indoor plumbing

and can take a warm shower

anytime she wants to.

She is intoxicated

by ripe strawberries, peppermint tea,

spaghetti, rosemary bread

and any kind of chocolate.

Whatever is on her plate

is a feast.

When you talk to her,

she affirms you with her eyes.

She gives you her full attention.

She listens

with no judgment

and lets you finish your sentences.


Your heart will stir

when she says your name

because she pronounces

it with such care

as if you were the one and only

you for all time.

When you are with her

you will stand taller

because her presence invites you

to own your whole self.


There are people to the

north, east, south and west

creating drama and noise,

but she does not let

any person

or external factor

dictate how she will feel

or behave.

No matter what happened that day…

even if surreal, dark, concerning or frustrating

she goes to sleep

with a prayer of gratitude

in her heart

for the adventure of it all

and the knowing

that she is full

of promise and magic.

Xo Chara


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