All About Abundance

All About Abundance

We live in an abundant and creative universe with unlimited resources and potential. Abundance consciousness is a mindset and a state of being where you focus on who you are, what you have and what you can do – as opposed to who you’re not, what you don’t have and what you can’t do. An abundance mindset is the result of intentional gratitude and the understanding that you have creative power. You create every moment of your life through your thoughts, words, actions and vibration. As you become more aware and skilled at aligning with what you desire and love, you will notice great things, people and opportunities showing up for you! This creates an upward spiral where intentional gratitude and a high vibration lead to blessings. More blessings lead to more gratitude and an even higher vibration, which lead to…you guessed it…MORE BLESSINGS!.

There are many practices to help us create an abundance of health, wealth and happiness. For today, let’s start with one of my favorites that’s easy to do.

Abundance Practice: Intentionally be on the lookout for beauty, blessings and cool stuff everywhere. Anytime you see something you love, repeat the following mantra silently or out loud if possible: “This is so beautiful!!! I love this!!!” By repeating this mantra with feeling, you are sending a clear message to your subconscious mind and the universe that you want MORE of it. If you pay attention, you will absolutely start to see and experience more of what you are focusing on!

*Please note, if you find this exercise difficult (like I used to) it’s a clue that you’ve probably been focusing on lack rather than abundance. Be gentle with yourself if this is new. It’s a life-long practice that gets easier with time and consistency. Before you know it, you will be cultivating abundance like a pro!

Keep me posted on your progress!


XO Chara

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