3 Empowering Words

3 Empowering Words

There are 3 Empowering Words that keep me “relatively” sane, balanced and joyful. I hope they help you experience more joy and peace this holiday season and throughout the year.

YES. Say yes to all the things that are important and meaningful. Say yes to frequent pauses that allow you to breathe and realign with your center. Say yes to lots of self-care during this busy time. Say yes to invitations that allow you to connect with the important people in your life. Say yes to being generous in ways that feel good to you and do not overtax your energy or finances. Say yes to the rituals that mean the most to you. Say yes to things that you find to be fun, exciting, lovely, rejuvenating or special.

NO. Say no to things that are not essential or meaningful. Say no to overbooking and overcommitting yourself. Saying no is easier said than done, but YOU CAN DO IT with grace and confidence! Before giving an answer to someone you can say, “I need to check my calendar.” Then you have bought time to reflect on whether this is going to enhance your life or detract from it. If it’s a no, you can say, “Thank you for the invitation or for asking…but I am not able to attend or help at this time. If there is something else that you do feel comfortable offering, then kindly extend that. For instance, if a friend invites you to a party the same night that you have a family event, you can politely decline and invite her/him out to dinner after the holidays so you can spend quality time together then. Note: If you let go of the non-essentials like needing everything look and be perfect, then you will most likely have more time and energy for the things that are important. 

HELP.  The third word may be the most important of all. (you didn’t really think I was going to say maybe, did you?) No one expects or wants you to do it all or to be perfect. That is an old, limiting and masochistic belief that has got to go! At our home, everyone has important jobs, because I am not super women. Ask anyone and everyone for the support you need. If you have the time and energy to cook and it’s a yes for you…then fully enjoy it. If not, there are grocery stores, bakeries, delis and specialty shops that can help out. If you have the time and energy to shop and you love to do it…then YAY! Otherwise, there’s the internet and gift cards. If you take a sacred pause to get clear on what you need, there’s always support available.

I hope these 3 Empowering Words support you in experiencing more joy and peace this holiday season and throughout the year!

Xo Chara

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