Now is the time to…
shine your light and live your magic!

Solazzare means to shine your divine light and live your unique magic! This begins to happen naturally as you align with love and learn to effectively use your creative power.

Once you make the intention to lead and create with love, blessings start to flow. As you honor your truth and connect with your heart more deeply, it will illuminate your authentic path.

This is when alchemy happens and anything becomes possible. The land of magic and miracles lives within you, around you and is accessible to you in each moment. Let’s discover it and create it together!





is our level one program, which serves as an excellent foundation for a more mindful and joyful way of living. It includes the skills, principles and practices to help you optimize your life and expand into your highest potential. Optimal Life provides a practical, tangible approach that honors the brain’s intellect and the heart’s wisdom. You will move forward feeling more empowered and capable of achieving what is most important to you.


is our level two program, which builds on the teachings of Optimal Life. Dream Life focuses on the power of mindsets, the ability to create a bigger, better vision, and the skills to manifesting a passionate and purposeful life. Dream Life reveals the true power you have to create an extraordinary life that accurately reflects your unique essence and the delights of your heart. You will come away with the understanding that the life of your dreams truly is in your hands.


is our level three program, which provides you the opportunity to connect with yourself and life on a deeper level. One Life provides a supportive space to explore a more meditative way of being and living. In a slower, calmer, more mindful state, intuition begins to illuminate your path and guide your steps. A seamless flow to life begins to develop and you will have the sense of living in a state of grace. You will leave the program with an elevated and sustainable sense of peace, balance and harmony.

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