Sol Path Yoga


My experience of Sol Path Yoga with Chara has been extraordinary. After many months of terrible pain, treatments and consultations with doctors, I was considering surgery. Before taking that “final” step, I started to work with Chara once a week on an individual basis. Chara is an excellent practitioner. Her in-depth knowledge of the yoga postures; her clear and easily understood explanations and Chara’s loving kindness all brought me to a place where I experience very little pain without undergoing surgery. Throughout our work together, I did not just heal physically. I began a journey to find my spiritual path. During each personal session as well as in group classes, Chara has an exceptional and articulate way of helping students to see how the asanas are teaching tools for how we can live “off the mat”. The way she weaves teaching the postures with their significance to our overall lives is very special and done in a very accessible way. Each Foundational Principle, taught over a month, provides a continuity that instills the Principles deep in the consciousness. In the decade during which Chara has been my inspiration, my physical and spiritual practice has grown in ways that I could never have imagined. I lead a much healthier and peaceful life as a result of her gentle, profound guidance. -Richard G.

I am extremely grateful to have the privilege of practicing yoga with Chara. She offers a unique style of yoga, one that has helped change my life in many positive ways. Chara’s focus on one principle per month encourages long-term changes, both on and off the mat. Chara’s style is nurturing, yet facilitates independence. Chara’s willingness to allow herself to be vulnerable in class, creates a supportive environment in which others feel free to step outside of their comfort zones. I leave each of Chara’s classes feeling like a healthier, happier, more hopeful version of myself. -Marlena M.

I began attending Chara’s Saturday morning Sol Path Yoga class in November of 2010. From the very first class I felt safe, relaxed, inspired and nurtured. Each week as we focused on and built upon the principle of the month, I realized that my weeks were revolving around my Saturday morning practice. I felt alive and energized when I left and as the feeling began to fade mid week I would be inspired as I began looking forward to my next class! Chara creates a haven where for an hour and fifteen minutes the outside world slips away as you follow your breath to the sound of her gentle guiding voice, quiet your mind and stretch your body to new levels of balance and flexibility. Throughout the poses you are gaining awareness and mindfulness of your actions on and off the mat. -Cathy E.

I had tried yoga many times before I met Chara. Each time I gave up because the sessions were painful and I just thought that my genetically tight body was doomed to never enjoy or get benefits from yoga. I did not realize that it was not my body but how I was being taught yoga. Chara changed the way I thought about yoga and my body! Our sessions were relaxing, enjoyable and enlightening. I stopped caring about results and just enjoyed the practice. Then I started experiencing real change. My body started opening up. I was getting more flexible, my posture improved and I just felt better all around. My practice of yoga with Chara has been truly transformational. I learned that yoga is the integration of mind, body and spirit. On top of all that it feels great! -Joe M.

I was immediately drawn to Chara’s style from my first yoga class. Her warmth and compassion are present every time. What I love about her classes is that they’re exactly what I need at that moment. I have no idea how she does it, but every time I leave her classes I get exactly what I need – whether is was a gentle class or more of a strengthening class. The physical work we do on the mat is wonderful, but I think what makes Chara’s classes truly unique are the positive words and principles she shares during each class. It’s her positive mindset that inspires me well after leaving the studio. –Tracy S.

Chara’s style of yoga is like no other. It promotes a very personal practice, which builds a physical and mental toolkit with readily accessible ways to address life’s daily challenges. On a higher level, it inspires you to live the life that your heart desires. The greatest gift of my practice is knowing a way to inner peace and the enjoyment of relaxing into the present moment. –Lorraine S.

Chara guides you to a place of pure calmness, profound clarity, and strength. Her teachings are accessible to everyone and she creates a completely non-competitive environment that encourages each student to tap into their own strengths and to reach their own best self. My 70-year-old mother and I benefit equally from her class! You walk out of Chara’s class, but you don’t leave the class behind: You take with you a greater sense of happiness and purpose, and a body that has been challenged, but not stressed, and is humming on a higher level of energy. This helps you to create an environment around you that ultimately makes other people feel good and happy. –Cynthia M.

Chara’s Sol Path Yoga is unique. It is soothing, gently aligning the body and the mind with the principles of yoga. I have taken yoga with Chara for years. She has always been my favorite teacher. I love her gentle guidance, her enthusiasm and obvious joy at having fun leading a yoga class. She connects with each of her students. What she says in class not only guides us through physical postures, but also through the vicissitudes of life. As a result of taking Chara’s yoga classes, I have experienced more understanding, acceptance, peace, and connection in my life. -Ruth G.

Many teachers are gifted, but Chara has, ever since I took her first class more than ten years ago, always delivered the class I needed the day I was with her. I think that is because of her sincerity of heart. I am able to trust in the moment and really be totally on my mat and in my own sphere of energy. This allows the breath to flow and I am able to feel the depth of my practice. I can access a practice of strength or spirituality or cleansing – whatever is needed in the moment. I don’t think she has ever repeated a sequence, yet she is easy to follow and effective. –Pam L.

I used to equate exercise with the same feeling I had as a child about homework – complete dread. Then a friend recommended Sol Path Yoga. I had never taken a yoga class before, and although I had no real idea of what I was doing, I felt safe and comforted by Chara’s voice, and the encouraging and potent words she spoke. By the time the class was halfway through, I knew I was hooked! I now feel mentally, physically and spiritually rejuvenated after every class. –Linda B.

My first experience with Chara was through her seasonal Lighten Up Workshop series, which was a wonderful opening of the senses for the season ahead. I was hooked and started taking Chara’s yoga classes in which she continued to educate me on making my yoga practice fresh. I find her approach to yoga is gentle yet challenging and relaxing yet stimulating. That is a real gift. Combine that with her guided positive, heart opening, loving thoughts to exercise the mind and the experience is complete. The balance I walk away with is phenomenal. -Pam G.

Chara’s Sol Path Yoga class has been an island of tranquility during a turbulent time in my life. With my mother’s decline into the sad depths of Alzheimer’s and my own vision loss, despair is constantly knocking at my door. Chara has helped me keep it a bay with her compassion and life-affirming approach to yoga. -Blythe F.

Practicing conscious gratitude is one of the many wonderful things Chara reminds us we can do each day. From finding the lesson in challenging times to appreciating life’s wonderful, simple, everyday moments. The first yoga class I attended was with Chara in 2002, when my daughter invited me to attend her class in Bernardsville. She told me Chara was different and her yoga classes were really special. She was right on. Chara and her way of teaching is like no other. She is unique, spiritual, enchanting and one of a kind. I left feeling so relaxed at such a stressful time in my life. Chara is nurturing and caring. There is a positive energy and calming environment in all her classes. Chara is a unique, generous, and soulful person who is truly interested in giving and sharing the lessons she has learned, and the knowledge to have joy and appreciation not just for our lives but also for our-selves. Chara gives me something to think about, reminds me to live in the present moment and enjoy life. When you participate in Chara’s yoga classes, it’s a spiritual awakening. It’s finding oneself so you can live a better, more positive and happier life. I’ve gained the courage and knowledge to allow myself to open up to receiving new possibilities. She has a way of touching your heart, getting you excited and allows you to lighten up and be yourself without judgment. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be silly, to show my emotions, to cry, laugh and express what’s truly in my mind and heart. -Ximena J.

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