Optimal Life

Optimal-Life-Rocks-Photo Now is the time… to live the best part of your life!


In This Program,You Will

  • Practice and experience the benefits of deep and 
mindful breathing.
  • Learn techniques to live in the present moment and utilize its power.
  • Discover the relationship between gratitude and living on a 
higher plane.
  • Reconnect to your heart and learn how to honor the wisdom it holds.
  • Become skilled at directing your mind’s attention where you want 
it to go.
  • Utilize the power of your mind productively.
  • Align your mind’s intellect with your heart’s wisdom.
  • Evaluate key areas of life so you may enhance them with 
your new skills.
  • Develop a vision and action plan for these important life areas.
  • Realize your potential and your ability to create the life 
you want.
  • Enjoy the process of creating your OPTIMAL LIFE on a daily basis.

Participants come away with:

Greater Awareness

Deepening your awareness requires you to go beyond our own perspective and limited experience – and explore a bigger and better truth for yourself. The first step is to understand the power of your breath. Not just as a means to receive oxygen, but as a bridge between the mind, body and spirit. Your breath is the gateway to the present moment, to more potential and a greater truth. The present moment is the only place you can really experience and consciously create your life. Deepening your awareness opens you to more capacity and more possibilities.

Greater Love

What would it be like if love was the foundation of everything you thought, said, did and created? What would it feel like to look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming love for the person staring back at you? What would it feel like to do what you love, be with people you love, create what you love and surround yourself with what you love on a daily basis? What would life be like if your heart was directing your steps and your mind was supporting you with its intellect? Can you imagine how it would feel to have your mind and your life in alignment with your heart’s inner knowing. Can you imagine a life where love isn’t just an emotion, but a philosophy of living and a state of being? This can be your reality. It does not occur over night. It is a process that occurs over time with the support of inspired principles and practices that create a positive shift in your relationship with yourself and your life.

Greater Skill

To live an empowered life requires skills. It takes awareness, practice and skill to become adept at aligning your thoughts, words and actions with the calling in your heart. It takes awareness, practice and skill to communicate effectively. It takes awareness, practice and skill to move though life with grace, ease and confidence. When you learn to play an instrument, speak a language or to do a pose in Yoga – it takes awareness, practice and skill to master that discipline. Once you become a skilled practitioner, you are not only able to utilize this area of expertise, you are able to enjoy it passionately and receive all the benefits it has to offer. Life is this way too. The more skilled you are, the more you can enjoy it fully and share its benefits.

A Design and a Process for Improving an Important Area of Your Life

Most people would like to improve aspects of their lives. But how many people have a clear goal, a clear vision and clear steps they are excited about taking? Upon completing this course…YOU WILL! And the best part is, you can then use the same process for improving any area of life you choose in the future.

Course Includes

Eight 1.5 hour sessions in a small group environment or private setting

Optimal Life Manual

Support and inspiration during the length of the course

Special packages for continued study