One Life

Life-Programs Now is the time… to feel whole and connected! Now is the time… to feel whole and connected!


In This Program, You Will

  • Experience how slowing down actually creates more time, space and peace.
  • Streamline your life by stopping the madness so you may live more consciously.
  • Strengthen your five senses.
  • Fully savor the daily pleasures that are all around you.
  • Cultivate 4 levels of gratitude and how to continually raise your vibration.
  • Live life from a place of recognizing the unity between all people and nature.
  • Learn various daily meditation techniques.
  • Experience life as a meditation in motion and a masterpiece in the making.
  • Positively affect the world by actualizing your potential.
  • Discover your own unique path toward enlightenment.
  • Begin to create and enjoy your very own Heaven on Earth.
  • Enjoy the process of being One With Life on a daily basis.

Program Includes

Eight 1.5 hour sessions in a small group environment or private setting.

One Life Manual

Support and inspiration during the length of the course

Special packages for continued study