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Richard has been my mentor for over 5 years. In that time, he has helped support my personal and professional growth in so many ways. He is a wise and grounded presence in my life and provides me with consistent motivation, encouragement, insight and kindness. I consider him to be my own personal, wise counsel. I can go to Richard with anything, and he will hold a safe, non-judgmental space for me to process through any issue I may have. He has helped me see through my husband’s eyes, which has strengthened my marriage. He has helped me move beyond my fears, which has given me the courage to pursue my dreams. He has helped me clarify my goals, which has inspired me to take action. He has helped me become a better instructor, which has allowed me to engage my students in discovery as opposed to simply giving them information. And perhaps most important, he has helped me become a better person by his demonstration of being present and allowing the moment to unfold with gratitude. Richard doesn’t give advice. Our sessions feel more like a sharing that brings about empowerment. He mindfully breathes, listens and offers insight, while allowing you to arrive at your own answers. I think every person could benefit on all levels by having a mentor, like Richard.

– Chara R., Bridgewater, NJ

I am very pleased and honored to write this testimonial for Richard. Richard is a talented and dedicated professional who takes his craft seriously. I am a high school principal who is dedicated to providing a quality education to every one of my students. Richard has helped me develop a meaningful vision of education for my school and he has worked with me to improve the skills necessary for me to do my best as an instructional leader. I give Richard my highest recommendation and believe that you will be very satisfied with his high level of expertise and enthusiasm.

– Peter R., West Orange, NJ

The insights I’ve gained from the course have enabled me to enjoy my life a whole lot more. I’ve learned that life is not about the end result or the destination. Life is a journey – one that you can choose to enjoy or not. The quality of my friendships and relationships has gotten deeper, more fun and more meaningful. I’ve learned how to be present and enjoy each moment to its fullest. Richard was wonderful in guiding me on this journey. The insights he shares are so powerful in their simplicity. He made each participant a motivational CD. His voice is soothing and his messages are most inspiring. I strongly urge everyone to take this course. It’s a wonderful way to get to know yourself better. It’s a fabulous gift to give to yourself.

– Stacey P., Yoga Instructor

Richard is a caring and compassionate teacher/guide. I took the Life Program at Khore studio in Liberty Corner with him as co-facilitator in the spring of 2008 and loved it! Richard was the perfect co-facilitator because he provided the right balance to the course – the scientific side, the proof, or quantifiable results that the many activties we were learning were in fact scientifically backed. Richard asked great questions of us as a group to stimulate our thinking and he also openly shared some of his own experiences that helped many of us open up and also learn through the wisdom of his stories. I highly recommend Richard as mentor or guide as he has an ability to relate to those who need/want the scientific backing that many of these principles work, but also connects with those who already believe that and want to know and learn even more.

-Tracy S., PHR, PCC

Richard helped me create a clear, cohesive ten-week cooking program for cancer patients and their families. The result of our work produced a 20-page guide to embrace organic, local, and seasonal whole foods. This was no easy accomplishment because I love rambling on multiple subjects all related to food, but not on the topic under discussion. I love this guide because it gives me self-confidence and helps me focus on the topic to be taught. This in turn helps my clients learn and care about healthy, organic, and local food. What I love about working with Richard is that he is passionate about helping people discover their inner strengths and passions. He helped me to articulate my goals and guided me to create a program I am very proud to teach. Thank you Richard.

– Patricia C., Chef

When I started my sessions with Richard, I was hopeless, broken, confused, directionless, angry, resentful, unhappy, overweight, overstressed, over analytical and desperate. Presently, these feelings have either changed completely, are under control, or still being addressed. Richard is not a miracle worker. He does not have a recipe for instant success. What he has is the desire to teach those who want to learn; the talent and skill to convey his knowledge and experiences in ways that anyone can receive; and a gift of unconditional patience, hope, and understanding for whatever your needs are.

This past year, Richard has shown me a way to live the life that I truly desire. To begin with, I needed to find out what that desire was and from that point, he showed me how to achieve it. He has helped me to learn what I call Life Tools. The most important tools that I have acquired thus far are: Breathing. I learned to really breathe. I learned to quiet my mind, be present, and be grateful for what I was experiencing. Manifesting. I call it daydreaming. However, it goes beyond just a simple fantasy. Manifesting is breathing life into thoughts by giving them color, sound, taste, smell and most of all believing that these thoughts will actually happen. Not only did I have to believe in them, I had to live like they would happen at any time. The life tool that most impacted my life, such as how I think, how I move forward, how I feel about myself, is allowing my Heart to be the driving force while still allowing my Mind to be the fuel. I describe this as living by inspiration rather than perspiration. It has always been the other way around in my life. My mind had to be the impetus. It didn’t matter what my heart felt. I simply call this tool Love.

I am a work in progress. However, Richard has taken me further than I could have ever imagined for myself. I did my part by being open-minded. He did his part by showing me how to Dream A Better Dream. Together, we gave this dream a Life. Today, I can admit that I am happy. I am also freer. I am 40 lbs. lighter! I am also on what I call a practice break. I learned so much that I wanted to take some time to put my new tools into practice. I have dug into my tool belt many times with wonderful results. During one of our last sessions together, I told Richard that this was not a Dream come true but rather a Life Come True.

– Vivian R., Old Bridge, NJ

I have known Richard for several years. He is a true visionary and effective teacher. He did outstanding work teaching me to see and hold in mind, my ideal self. He is a talented and trustworthy person who is able to help people find the best in themselves and take action to reach their full potential. I highly recommend Richard.

– Thomas R., Roman Media Group

Richard Gange coming into my life has been the equivalent of having ‘manna fall from heaven’. I was writing a book about the lessons I learned as a result of experiencing a severe stroke. The work desperately needed editing. Without Richard’s guidance, I don’t believe my book would have completely drawn the breath of life. In our work together, Richard has become so much more than my editor. I am honored to say he has become my mentor and friend. His knowledge and teachings have added significant depth to the fabric of my life.

– Eric L., East Windsor, NJ

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