Life Programs: Dream Life

In This Program, You Will

  • Strengthen your mind and heart alignment.
  • Utilize the power of your imagination to think bigger and better.
  • Discover the role the unconscious mind plays in your thoughts, words, actions and experience.
  • Let go of limiting mindsets and create new positive thought patterns and habits.
  • Reveal more of your heart’s true purpose.
  • Allow your life’s vision to expand and become clearer.
  • Learn mind-enhancing techniques to bring about positive results.
  • Co-create with life instead of fight against life.
  • Enjoy creating your DREAM LIFE on a daily basis.

Program Includes

Eight 2.25 hour sessions in a small group environment


Daily email support and inspiration during the length of the course

Monthly email inspiration upon completing the course


Fabulous, Inspiring, Sensational! The Dream Life Program has opened up my heart. I feel so excited by all of life’s possibilities. This class has been pure joy! -Margaret D.

This program is magnificent! We may temporarily feel a higher level of life after reading a book, or taking a seminar. However, often those results fade over time. This course truly instills the universal truths to great thinking and great living. -Thomas R.

I appreciate the safe space that Richard and Chara so generously provided and the love and enthusiasm they shared. I’m so glad that life seems simpler instead of more complicated. The program brought a clearer perspective of what I want to create in my life as well as the steps I can take to start making it happen with joy and gratitude. -Jillian K.

Richard and Chara teach from their hearts and are truly open, honest and humble. They created a safe space for each of us to open and release the walls. I had been exposed to many of the principles before, but it wasn’t until I truly learned to let go of old mindsets that I finally got it! I now feel lighter, brighter and happier. -Tracy S.

This program took my outlook to a whole other level. The program reminds us of our own inherent greatness and teaches us how to reinforce this greatness everyday. The affirmations, the visualizations and mini-mindsets have helped my personal, professional and Spiritual Life. I’ve learned to raise my vibration and attract the work (and play), the people and the life that I want to experience. -John L.

Richard and Chara’s program brought me back to the belief that all things are possible, that my potential is realizable and that the best part of my life is truly ahead of me. I thought only children could dream this way. I was wrong, it’s within all of us. -Karen P

Chara and Richard are a dynamic team! The diversity in their backgrounds added to the program and I felt that they really cared. They are excellent role models because they don’t just talk the talk, but “live” the principles they share. They are very inspiring! They program gave me insights and tools to use for a lifetime. -Julie M.

Richard and Chara continue to surprise, delight and inspire me. I thought the course was awesome! It’s an invitation inward to safety, security, spontaneity, and the loving wisdom of the heart. It’s a retreat from the fast paced, “I have to’s” imposed on you from the outside world. It provides you with the skills to change your life slowly so you can enjoy the unfolding and evolution to a more purposeful, joyful, loving existence. -Stacey P.

Richard and Chara are very well prepared and great speakers. They are kind, understanding, generous, thoughtful, loving and committed to their practice. If you are in the darkness of life, this program brings the rays of light back into one’s being. It gives you the skills and steps to guide you into a happier way of life. Thank you. -Eileen K.

This course helped me free my mind so it can play in the eternal present. I’m now creating the future of my dreams. -Bill N.

This is an incredibly powerful process, achievable by anyone willing to commit to it. One doesn’t have to struggle. Simply follow the steps and practice. Really and truly your life can and will change! Bliss! -Susie S.

I now believe in the miracle of me! -Jean K.

This program has been the most moving, spirited, miraculous thing I’ve done for myself. It has been a journey of love, hope, facing fear and embracing strength! It is yoga for the soul! Thank you! -Mary O.

This course gives you the tools to change your life with a positive attitude. Wanting to make a change can feel daunting, but this program opens your eyes to the reality that changing your life is actually a fun process. -Debbie C.

Dream Life opened my heart and mind to all that is possible in my life. -Nancy B.

Take a journey down a path of growth with love, support and spiritual adventure. The end result… there is no end to your dream life. -Pam G.

The Dream Life Program gave me tools, encouragement and an unwavering belief. I now have goals. I have dreams. I want to create my life, not just wait for it to happen. -Jodi B.

If you are looking for something, but not sure what it is… you have found it. You will find clarity, direction, and motivation to be the you that you want and have the life that you always dreamed of. You will learn to be happy where you are and excited about what lies ahead. -Linda B.

I have been amazed at how much fun, doable and perfectly suited to me this Program has been. Thank you, Richard and Chara, for a wonderful journey, for helping us set the groundwork for future adventures and for the joy of sharing it with other Dream Life adventurers! -Ruth G.

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