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You Are…
12 Empowering messages that celebrate you!

Written by: Chara Rodriguera, Illustrated by: Jodi Bonthron

You Are… is a profound book about honoring and celebrating YOU! Through twelve empowering messages, images, reflections, and practices you will be lovingly guided on a journey of self-discovery. Did you know that the life you want and the happiness you seek begin on the inside? The quality of your life starts with the quality of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Reading and spending time with these inspiring messages can help you feel more confident, reduce stress, make wise choices, appreciate yourself and others, and enjoy your life! This book is perfect for pre-teens, teens and adults who want to feel inspired and empowered. You Are… is the first book in a three part series. Soon to follow are You Have… and You Can… The creation and sharing of these books comes from the belief that we are all valuable, abundant, capable and divine.

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Beautiful book. Love the illustrations, they are colorful vibrant and joyful. The explanation, reflection and practices that follow each affirmation are the perfect length to use this book as a daily practice. Also lots of extras available through the website, you can download the affirmations. I love that this book is accessible to children and teens through the language that is used. Also, by saying and sharing these affirmations you nourish not only yourself, but also your community. A GREAT RESOURCE FOR YOUR SELF-CARE AND WELLNESS PRACTICE. IF YOU LIKE LOUISE HAY, YOU’LL LOVE YOU ARE …

By Urban Diva on August 23, 2014

This is such an incredible book of empowerment that anyone can appreciate. It is so beautifully written and illustrated. It teaches not only to recognize and appreciate one’s own unique gifts, but to realize and appreciate that others have them as well. What a beautiful way to celebrate our existence in this world. Accompanying each message is a little meditation for kids/parents to follow that reinforces the message, which is a great way to introduce kids to this essential life skill. As a parent and and PTO member, my first instinct was that our schools would love this book. Copies will be ordered for our libraries and discussion is underway about how to incorporate this book into lessons and/ or hands-on workshops.

By Megan Hughes on February 9, 2014

This is a beautiful piece of work that I keep close by. We all have moments and times of self -doubt and times that we question our strengths, especially when we are vulnerable during emotional challenging life circumstances. This book serves as an empowerment tool that can be used at anytime. Aside from the positive life affirming messages of You are…. the art work alone can immediately lift the spirit out of a gloomy state. I recently shared one of the messages in this book with my teenage son who is struggling with a sensitive issue and he was able to take in a much needed message that “You Are Amazing….” The use of this book is endless. With all the negative messages given to us by the media everyday, this text of celebratory images and thoughts on oneself is medicine for the soul. This book is for everyone.

By Mary Olenowski on March 16, 2014

This book is such a treasure. I wish I had it when my children were very young, as it brings such amazing life lessons to a level that is easily grasped by young children, without losing any of the profound beauty of the teachings. The simple beauty of the lessons makes this book a must-have for adults as well. I keep my copy by my bedside table and regularly go back to it. And I have shared it with my not-so-young children (adult and teenage), who also love it. The lustrous illustrations perfectly capture the essence of the teachings.

By Cynthia J. Dreeman on October 7, 2014

I am a yoga teacher of 14 years and mother of 11 years and this book is a beautiful tool for both of my passions of teaching and Motherhood . I have shared the readings from this book in my yoga classes and with my Son as a vehicle to open up to those sometimes hard to explain feelings he may be experiencing. It’s no longer Mom asking what’s up? rather “You Are” is a safe platform for your children to express themselves in an open and honest way. I imagine my copy will be dog-eared soon enough as are all my favorite books!

By Martha Shea on July 2, 2014

This was written by my yoga teacher and friend, Chara. I would go to her class just to listen to her share her encouraging insights. So I was very excited to get her book! Beautifully illustrated and organized, I share this book with my grandchildren. We have lovely conversations provoked by the questions and affirmations in each section. The overall message that you are enough as you are, that there is no need to be someone else; is powerful for all ages. It invites a beautiful relationship with the self, which extends to our relationships with others. It celebrates the unique light within each of us. This is on my gift list to share with my family and friends, nieces and nephews, and anyone who could use an uplift in their perspective. The messages are gentle and healing, and can be referred to again and again.

By Jennifer Kalawur on March 14, 2014

The beautiful messages and illustrations in this book are appropriate for anyone seeking inspiration throughout daily life! My teenage daughter and I both read the book and found the affirmations to be very powerful and moving. We like to pick a random page for the day, and let the words and images speak to us like a good friend! An uplifting book that leaves you feeling happy and empowered over and over again!

By Susan Fickenger on February 25, 2014

I love this book! My near-tween daughter and I read together. It leads to magical, memorable conversations that I will cherish. I give this book to all my expecting mom friends so they can read with their child(ren).

By Elysa Jones on March 14, 2014

A beautifully written book that comes to life in its vibrant illustrations. It is placed front and center on my coffee table for all to see. The messages are inspiring for people of all ages. The reflections and practices offer simple ways to bring happiness and peace into your life. The greatest gift was watching my mother and my daughter reading it together!

By Alison D’Agostino on April 11, 2014

New books coming soon: You Have… You Can…

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