Inspiring Writing, Images & Performances


I have always loved the arts and being involved in creative projects. From the time I could draw and write, I was creating pictures, poems, stories and plays. For as long as I can remember, I was coercing my sister, cousins and friends to create funny plays and skits to entertain our family members. The performer in me would spend countless hours parading around in costumes and acting out different characters. Throughout high school, college and my early adult life, acting was a big part of my focus. Even when I was working in production behind the scenes, I usually ended up being on camera too! I’ve always been interested in the power of messages in the media. The more you hear and see a message, the more it becomes part of your thought patterns and belief system. Media is not only great for entertainment; it’s also an amazing teaching tool. It’s my intention to be involved with films and projects that share uplifting stories, inspiring messages and universal truths.

Photography is another love of mine. Beautiful imagery lights up my heart. In college, my teacher assigned us the task of doing a self-portrait. I found the experience to be profound. It allowed me the opportunity to express feelings that words could not completely convey. And so began a journey of healing and transformation that I am only now beginning to understand. For twenty something years I have been taking self-portraits as a means of documenting my life story and expressing my truth. I guess you could say I’m a “selfie” expert! Some of my photos I took on my own. Others were taken with the help of friends…some of whom are professional photographers and some who have no photographic experience at all, but were generous enough to lend me their compassionate eye. A lot of my photos spent years (even decades) in the basement or in the dark corners of my closet. But they are now ready to step into the light and share their tender stories. In retrospect, I am in awe of how the soul always knows the bigger truth and compassionately guides us on our journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Now that I am a mother of two amazing boys, I am even more dedicated to creating and sharing messages and practices that are empowering. This calling is what led me to write my first book, YOU ARE… 12 empowering messages that celebrate you! Soon to follow are YOU HAVE… and YOU CAN… I originally began writing You Are… for my sons Von and Zan. Soon into the process, I felt a knowing in my heart that said, “These messages are for every child – every human being.” And so I felt guided, step by step, to create this book with my talented illustrator, Jodi Bonthron. It comes from out hearts and the belief that we are all special, capable and divine.

My wish for you and the children in your life is to know your own brilliance, fulfill your potential and live the life you truly desire. If you can benefit from any of my offerings, it would be an honor to share them with you.