My name is Chara and I specialize in sharing empowering messages, programs and practices that will support you on your journey of wellbeing and personal growth. My intention for creating this website is to share inspiration in many forms from my heart to yours. Below, I will offer a special monthly Sol Path Yoga practice for you to explore on and off your mat so you can live from a place of greater illumination and empowerment.
Thank you for joining me.

Inspiration and practices that empower you!

Inspiration and practices that empower you!

Sol Path Yoga

March: Truth

Love and truth go hand and hand. Living from our heart allows us to connect to our deepest truth and create a life that represents our most authentic self. Our dreams, inner calling, personality, passions, viewpoint, family, history and culture are all part of our truth. Being in touch with our heart deepens our awareness that we are an important part of an even greater truth that includes everyone and everything.

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